RoboJackets FTC

(5th-8th Grades)

FTC Team Overview

What is FTC?

FIRST Tech Challenge teams build a tabletop sized robot to compete in an annual head-to-head game challenge.

RoboJackets FTC Teams

RoboJackets FTC Team Leaders

A team leader is an adult that provides supervision at meetings and events, manages communication between team members and caregivers, and ensures that rosters and consent forms are completed for team members.  Every RJ FTC Team must have a team leader.  See the Quick Info for Prospective Team Leaders below.

Joining a RoboJackets FTC Team

Step 1: Complete the Interest/Waitlist form below.  This form will populate a spreadsheet and help students match with teammates.

Team Formation

Step 2: Prospective team members and caregivers can support the team formation process by being active participants in coordinating their team!  Options include...

Teams may be finalized when a group has identified four team members and at least one team leader.

Quick Info for Prospective Team Members

Where do teams meet?

Teams meet in the RJ FTC Build Rooms at Meadows - Rooms #200 (primary workspace) and #204 (overflow workspace).

How do team members get to and from meetings?

What is the weekly schedule for teams? How often do teams meet?

What is the fee to join?

There is no fee to join or be a team member.  The RoboJackets K12 Foundation funds the experience for student team members. Donations from families are greatly appreciated and help sustain opportunities for all students.

Quick Info for Prospective Team Leaders

What does a team leader do?

Be present for team meetings

Manage and coordinate communication between team members, caregivers, and the RoboJackets program administrators

Ensure rosters and consent forms are completed for team members

Complete requisite Youth Protection related tasks

Optional: Provide technical guidance to team members

Who can be a team leader?

A team leader must be an adult that is willing to support a positive experience for youth team members.  Adults can be caregivers (such as a parent of a team member), another relation (such as an elder sibling), or a community member that would like to volunteer.

RoboJackets FTC Equipment


RJK12 FTC teams will primarily use the Robits build system for FTC.  All teams will have at least a core kit, from which they can use the starter robot design to quick start their experience, iterate on the starter robot to explore problem solving, or devise a design from the ground up to explore ideation and architecture.