RoboJackets FRC

(Through 12th Grade)

FRC Team Overview

What is FRC?

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an annual challenge in which teams develop a robot to compete head-to-head.

FRC robots are typically human-sized, weighing between 120-150 lbs. and feature the integration mechanical, electrical, and software systems into the final machine.

Teams are composed of students through 12th grade and adult coaches that work alongside each other to achieve team goals.

RoboJackets FRC

50% Industry Internship Model

An effective FRC team develops a refined and elegant product - the robot!  Team members each contribute by specializing in jobs that need to be done as part of the product development process.  All jobs on the RoboJackets operate on an apprenticeship model. Students' interests guide them towards specialties, and through on-the-job experience and training, they work towards competency and expertise. This isn't really all that different from a career - education provides a basis, but most positions have such depth that learning on the job is normal throughout one's lifetime.  Being on an FRC team gives students a strong basis for not just engineering, but any future career experience.

50% Highly Competitive Travel Team

Striving for success in the competitive arena is what defines FRC and sets it apart as a transformative experience for student team members.  Tournaments are high intensity experiences that challenge teams' ability to perfect the execution of their robot.  Events are a multi-day experience that bring together dozens (and up to hundreds!) of robots all playing for the win.

Each team member at each event fills a position that contributes to collective performance at that event. The RoboJackets are fortunate to get to compete in 10-16 events each season, ensuring that team members have the opportunity to specialize in a position and experience high level play in the official season, as well as explore all of the positions and develop a wide breadth of experience throughout the year.

Joining the RoboJackets FRC Team

The FRC experience is unique! The process to join the RoboJackets is designed so that prospective members can trial run the experience with no commitment to guide their decision to apply to be a full team member.

Step 1: Complete interest form

This form provides basic contact information.  You will receive a copy of your responses to whichever email account you are logged into to complete the form.  

Step 2: Attend meetings to explore the experience (no commitment)

Within seven days of submitting an interest form you should receive an email follow-up.  That message will either invite you to begin attending meetings as a prospective team member, or confirm that your response has been recorded and let you know that new member integration is at waitlist status.  A waitlist will only be utilized if interest responses exceed the RoboJackets current bandwidth to engage prospective new team members.

The prospective member period will last for 4-8 weeks.  During this time period, prospective new members will have the opportunity to explore multiple jobs and roles, discover where their interests align to open positions, demonstrate their readiness to meet expectations of team members, and develop an understanding of the value in the RJ experience.

Prospective members may also be invited to participate in team experiences beyond meetings, including tournaments and other special events.  Tournament participation during the prospective member time period will require additional forms, both on the part on the student as well as their parents.

Step 3: Complete application form

Students that demonstrate ability to meet team member expectations during their prospective team member period will be invited to apply to join as a full team member.

Step 4: Complete onboarding

Students that apply and are extended an invitation to join will be expected to complete the onboarding process in a timely manner.  The onboarding process involves completion of general and roster forms, safety training, basic training, an apprenticeship plan, a memorandum of understanding regarding team member expectations, and travel and emergency forms.

Quick Info for Prospective Members

What is the meeting schedule?

RJ operates year around. The meeting schedule is as follows...

Can I be a team member if I have a time conflict for part of the year?

Yes.  Many team members are also athletes, musicians, and/or performers.  As an organization, the RoboJackets value a holistic approach to youth development and celebrate team members' involvement in and accomplishments in a wide variety of pursuits.

Conflicts during a particular time of year should be addressed during the prospective member, application, and onboarding period.  The prospective team member will be expected to demonstrate ability to contribute in a meaningful capacity and an understanding of what value they will be able to derive from the team experience. 

Can I be a team member if I experience a time-based challenge year around?

Yes.  The RoboJackets understand that youth may juggle family related, job related, or other responsibilities that are important and unavoidable.  As an organization, the RoboJackets strive to mitigate barriers to participation and promote accessibility for students from all backgrounds.

Time-based challenges that present year around should be addressed during the prospective member, application, and onboarding period.  The prospective team member and coaches will work together to seek a solution that enables a meaningful experience.

What is the fee to join?

There is no fee to join or be a team member.  The RoboJackets K12 Foundation funds the experience for student team members that are in good standing and travel eligible.  Donations from families are greatly appreciated and help sustain opportunities for all students.